4-year-old Kindergarten

 Our 4-Year-Old Kinder room is staffed by a Qualified Bachelor Teacher and assistants who are preparing the children for their schooling years. In our kinder room there is a mix of intentional teaching as well as open ended experiences stemming from the children’s abilities, interests and developmental stages.

In our kinder room the children are educated with the support of our Letter Land Program which helps our kinder children identify different letters, both capitals and lower case, and also how to pronounce individual letters and also their abilities to sound different depending on the letters that surround it. Our kinder room has a wonderful outdoor play space with a cubby house, sand pit, playground with a wooden bridge and slide and evolving activities and play areas encouraging multiple learning experiences and development.

Our 4-year-old Kinder room is led by our experienced team whose aim is to prepare the children (and their families) in their transition to school. The Kinder room program involves a mix of Intentional Teaching and open-ended experiences stemming from the children’s abilities, interests, and developmental stages.

We encourage family input through open communication and formal parent teacher interviews to discuss children’s development and school readiness. The Kinder room has a large outdoor play space, that includes a cubby house, sand pit, playground with a wooden bridge and slide, and inviting activities and play areas that encourage learning and development.  


School Readiness Program

The kinder room also runs a ‘school readiness program’ to help prepare children for school. This involves activities and programs the children will participate in at school. A School Transition Report is completed, which is sent home to families and then passed to the child's school.

We provide support and advice to parents regarding primary schools and also hold parent teacher interviews mid-year to discuss your child’s progress.