Our Team

  • Leah, Centre Manager


     I have been employed in the Early Years sector since 2007, with Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre being my first and only centre I have worked at. In this time I have completed my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Throughout my years, my roles have changed and I have grown as a person, gained knowledge and taken on more responsibilities.

    I believe that the environment we provide the children with can have a very positive impact towards their learning and development since we provide a lot of stimulating opportunities, and accommodate different learning styles.

    As a Centre Manager I pride myself in creating a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere where all children, educators and families feel valued and connected. Over the years I have been in a position to mentor and support the Educators as they require assistance and guidance, and I am grateful for this opportunity to lead a purposeful and enthusiastic team.

  • Amanda, 2IC/ Support Educator -Parental Leave


     I have had the pleasure of teaching, guiding and encouraging children to learn and develop since 2012 and have formed nurturing relationships with both the children in my care and their families. I have been lucky enough to work in the younger rooms at our centre and have had some of the best times watching the children I care for reach new milestones and develop new skills. The bond you form with the children is extra special, as they depend and need your love and attention to grow and strive. I believe it’s extremely important to provide a curriculum that will capture, extend and develop young minds to help the children in our care learn and imagine to their highest potential.    

    In 2019 I was offered the position as Second in Charge and have enjoyed learning all there is to know about the administrative side and legalities of the industry from an amazing and supportive management team.  

    In 2020 I began the best job I could have ever been gifted and became a mum for the first time to a little girl. My daughter has made me want to strive to provide the best care I can possibly provide to the children I am lucky enough to care for.

  • Sofia, Educational Leader/ Support Educator


     I have been part of the Centre’s team since 2008. Working with children is a passion I was able to pursue after having my two boys, who gave me endless inspiration, to study children’s development.

    I believe that every child deserves the right to grow, develop and learn, in a caring environment and Educators should be available and sensitive to individual needs. I believe that happy, secure children learn easier and that each child’s personality and learning style are unique and need to be respected. Children should be encouraged to develop positive attitudes, take risks, and make mistakes, and be open to new experiences and challenges.

    Diversity and uniqueness should be welcomed and celebrated, and educators need to create play spaces that offer choices, nurture creativity, and promote self -expression. I believe that after careful observation, as educators, we own to find ways that promote children’s individual needs, to help them reach their potential and the theories of psychologist Lev Vygotsky on children’s development have influenced the way I teach and program, the most.

    I believe that years of experience as an Educator, and as a mother have equipped me well as a teacher, carer, and advocate for children’s rights to develop a confident and positive self- image.

    I am passionate about updating my skills every year, and gaining new knowledge, by doing research and attending seminars and conferences. My goal is to never stop being sensitive to each child’s needs, so I can understand their behaviour and respond with care.

  • Ash V, Nursery Room Leader- Parental Leave

    Ash V

    I have been working in the early year’s sector since 2010, but have worked at Carrum downs early learning centre since 2014. This year will be my second year as the Nursery room leader room, and I am enjoying each and every day in there.

    I am a mother of 2, a daughter aged 8 and a son aged 4. My love for other children and my own children, have influenced my career choice of being an Early Childhood Educator. I find working with younger children very rewarding and I am extremely dedicated to providing high quality care.

    I aim to provide a warm, safe secure and nurturing environment and strive to build trusting relationships with children, to enhance each child’s sense of belonging and wellbeing in their learning environment.

  • Leanne, Nursery Educator


    I have been working in the Early Years Sector since 2017, and in this time I have completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and care. I am now working towards completing my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care.

    When I first started I was a reliever, which gave me the opportunity to become familiar with all room routines, children and staff.

    As an educator I endeavor to work in conjunction with families, ensuring open communication, mutual respect and co-operation. I aim to create a bond between home and childcare, to help children flourish.

    I strive to give every individual child the best building blocks to help start their journey in life. Our identity defines us as an individual and assisting children through play and social interactions we can help establish their identities, embarking on the road to self-discovery.

  • Chantelle, Nursery Educator


    I started working at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre as an agency Educator and was excited after being offered a permanent position to join the team in December 2020. I have always loved children and that's what made me decide to complete my Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

    As a reliever I enjoy getting to know all the children and building a relationship with them and their families. Watching children grow and reach there milestones, whilst being in our care is what makes this role rewarding. I believe each child deserves to feel safe, loved and cared for so they can develop a sense of belonging.

  • Bhagya, Nursery Educator


    I have been working at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre since 2016 and hold my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

    As an educator I believe that children need to have endless opportunities to explore and experiment so they can learn through trial and error. It is important for activities to be open ended, process oriented, developmentally appropriate and relate to the children’s interests.

    As an Educator I believe my role is to initiate, participate, guide, motivate, encourage, respond, intervene and observe during implementation of activities. I love working at the Centre, as we provide lots of opportunities for the children to explore and learn. Being able to work with children as I watch and help them grow is something I take pride in and reasons as to why I chose this career path.

  • Leslie, Pre-Toddler Room Leader


     I have been an Early Childhood Educator since 2018 and am enjoying my position at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre. My passion is to care for and build nurturing relationships with children.

    I always ensure their routines are followed and they are supported and encouraged in their developmental stages of learning.

    I genuinely believe that learning through play is one of the best opportunities for children to discover, create and imagine. Play contributes to a supportive environment where children can ask questions and engage in group activities to support critical thinking, and to build positive and trusting relationships with Educators.  

  • Ami, Pre-Toddler Educator


     I have worked as a part of the team at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre since mid-2020, transferring from one of our other Centres. I am cert III qualified and am currently working towards obtaining my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I have always had a passion for working with children since I was young and never dreamed of being anything else. I believe that each and every child is unique and with love, guidance and support they will flourish within their environment.

    I strongly believe that children need opportunity to express their creativity through messy and hands on play. I have previously worked in a 4 year Old Kinder room so I am familiar and confidant with the curriculum in preparing the children for their school years.


  • Beth, Pre-Toddlers Educator


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  • Patrice, Toddler One Room Leader


     I came to Carrum Downs Early Leaning Centre in 2008. I have had a number of roles whilst being part of this team; they have included reliever, 4 year old kinder aide and an assistant in Pre Toddler and toddler rooms. I am currently the Room Leader for Toddler One and look forward to a year of watching your children grow and develop into extraordinary little people.

    I believe all children have the right to experience learning in a safe and secure environment. As Educators our aim is to focus on children’s development as they grow and to always provide a supportive learning environment. I enjoy implementing spontaneous activities to follow up children’s interests inspired from their home life.

    Coming to work and helping your children develop independence is a pleasure. This stage in their lives children become more aware of their capabilities, and self-help skills are encouraged. They also gain confidence in communicating their thoughts and feelings.

    It is a very rewarding experience when you see children reach milestones and your professional knowledge is vital in facilitating children’s learning.

  • Cassandra, Toddler One Educator


     I began my journey working in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2017, and am still passionate about it.

    My partner and stepson have taught me just how important it is to build trusting and supportive relationships. This is something I will continue to provide for the children I care for. I take pride in knowing that I am a part of an amazing team here at Carrum Downs, who alongside myself can provide an environment where educating children, nurturing them, and assisting in their development is of high importance. I love working together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

  • Alyssa, Toddler One Educator


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  • Monique, Toddler Two Room Leader/ HSR


     I have been working at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre since 2013. I have been an educator in various rooms; assistant in pre-toddler, toddlers, the 4 year old Kinder and Room Leader in pre-toddlers. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities each role brings. I’ve always had a passion for children, mainly through the opportunity of caring for my younger siblings in my late teens/early adulthood. This was my main inspiration to pursue a career in childcare as an early childhood professional. I am eager to bring forward my passions for child development and put this into practice including but not limited to; promoting self-help skills, sensory aspects, art experiences, and music.

    In 2019 I accepted the opportunity to become the health and safety representative of our centre, which entails me to work closely with all staff and management to uphold high safety standards and implement our policies and procedures into our everyday practices. This role has helped me guide educators in their own safety as well as the children’s.

  • Kawaljit, Toddler Two Educator


     I have been working in the Early Years Sector since 2017, but started at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre in 2019. I have since completed my Certificate III and Diploma of Early Childhood and care. As an educator I enjoy learning from other educator’s suggestions and ideas to help the children learn new skills. I believe in encouraging children to express themselves with their own creativity through messy play. I take pride in knowing that I teach the children in a caring and understanding way.

  • Keri, Toddler Two Educator


     My two children have been my inspiration to work alongside other children as an Integration Aide and Assistant in the Primary School sector for 10 years. This has given me the ability and skills to support and encourage every child to achieve their dreams regardless of their strengths, weaknesses or disabilities.

    In 2018, I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I believe my passion to assist children with nurturing care helps them to develop, grow, and achieve milestones, leading into them becoming confident independent individuals.

    It’s a privilege to be part of a Centre that provides every child with a fun, caring, safe and supported learning environment.

  • Jess, 3-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher (ECT)


     I have been working in Early Childhood since 2012 and have obtained my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. I believe it is important to build positive relationships with both children and families. I believe that through interactions educators understand children’s likes and interests that help them feel safe, secure and supported.

    The early childhood years are important as this is when children begin their learning journey. There are so many proud moments in watching them reach milestones, goals and learning new skills. I believe in offering positive and inviting indoor and outdoor play spaces to extend children’s interests.

  • Natasha, 3-year-old Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)


     I have been working in the Early Years Sector since 2012 and in this time I have completed my Diploma and Bachelor in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked as an assistant, Nanny and both a 3 and 4 year old ECT.

    I strongly believe that a child's first impressions in Early Childhood education can shape their future attitudes in regards to School. This is the motive behind my passion for creating an environment which is inviting and where children and families feel comfortable. I love to observe the growth and development achieved as the children prepare for school, through the support and guidance of their families and educators.   

  • Aisha, 3-Year-Old Kinder Educator


    I have worked in childcare since 2007, with Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre being the only Centre I have worked at. In this time I have become a mum to a little girl, and my years of experience have given me confidence which has contributed to raising my daughter. I believe each child should feel safe, secure and cared for whilst in our care and feel a sense of belonging.

    Most importantly, the educator’s role is to help teach children new skills and contribute to them enjoying their days as they learn through play. This will equip them with knowledge they will use as they grow.

    Watching the children’s accomplishments makes me proud, and seeing their smiley faces makes coming to work all worth it.

  • Nancy, 4-year-old Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)


    Hi, my name is Nancy and after many years at one of our sister centres as the 4-year-old Kinder Teacher I transitioned to Carrum Downs as the 3-year-old Kinder Teacher in 2021. 

    I have a lot of knowledge and experience in my field and love to challenge myself every year going to new professional developmental days to extend my knowledge.

    I am passionate about my job and I believe in challenging children and teaching children the abilities to develop curiosity in their play in a diverse environment with lots of natural play spaces, free choice spaces to be able to grow and extend children’s learning through their interests which encourages intrinsic motivation and stimulates a love of passion to learn through their play. 

  • Nicole, 4-Year-Old Kinder Educator


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  • Sukhjinder, 4-Year-Old Kinder Educator


    I have been working as an Early Childhood Educator since 2010. In India I was a qualified high school teacher, which I pursued for 5 years. I have always enjoyed working with children and watching them grow and learn in the first few years of life.

    Late 2020 I commenced working at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre and since my first day here I have felt welcomed and supported by the children, parents and other educators.

    Teaching children requires a lot of patience and over the years I have learnt to approach every situation with patience and understanding.

Support Staff

  • Zakia , Support Educator


     I started working with children in 2015, running my own family daycare. I cared for 3 siblings, alongside my own 4 children. I then moved onto agency work where I assisted at different centre’s, including Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre.

    I enjoyed and felt comfortable working here and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity for a permanent position at the centre.

    I love looking after children and helping them and their families. I like to sing with them and help them engage in artwork.

    I still enjoy caring for my friend’s children whilst I’m at home. They always trust they will have a fun time.

  • Sumita , Support Educator/ HSR


     I am a Diploma qualified Educator at Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre. Originally I am from India and I have lived in Melbourne for the last 10 years and I have two beautiful children.

    Working with children is my Passion and I find myself lucky to be a part of the early years of learning. I enjoy being a reliever, as I get to meet and become familiar with all the children, including their likes and dislikes, and the room’s daily routines. I always ensure that children in my care feel safe, secure and comfortable. Watching them learn and grow makes me happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  • Rita, Support Educator


     I have been working at Carrum Dows Early Learning Centre since 2017.  Previously I worked as a reliever but currently I am an assistant in Toddler two. Over time I have established a positive relationship with most children and I have had the great joy of observing the children’s development from babies through to toddlers. Having brought up 3 of my own children and watching them develop into young adults, the opportunity to work in the Early Years Industry has enabled me to turn my passion into a rewarding and fulfilling career. I feel very proud to be part of a team where we can work together and provide a special learning environment where children can reach goals and let their personalities shine.

  • Tara, Support Educator- Currently on Parental Leave

  • Veena, Centre Cook


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  • Tanya, Housekeeper


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  • Lucy, Support Educator


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