The Nursery caters for infants as young as six weeks’ until confidently walking. The Nursery provides children with a safe space both indoors and outdoors with a newly renovated yard. In the Nursery, the educators focus on creating a sense of belonging and building secure attachments by being available to meet each child’s emotional and physical needs. An open line of communication between parents and educators is encouraged to support and help ease the transition from home to childcare.  

The room is broken into 5 separate areas: ·        

Separate sleep room with relaxing white noise and tranquil music to comfort our sleeping babies where staff regularly conduct sleep checks to safely care for our sleeping babies.        

  • A kitchenette for our educators to prepare bottles and serve nutritious meals provided by our onsite cook.      
  • A nappy change area where we provide both nappies and wipes.         
  • A room full of activities and educational experiences age appropriate and based on the children’s interests and developmental stages         
  • Our newly renovated yard full of experiences and nature to explore.  

Our educators offer an open indoor-outdoor environment whether permitting and conduct safety check each time the children are ready to explore the outdoors.