3-year-old Kindergarten

 Our 3-Year-Old Kinder room is staffed by a Qualified Bachelor Teacher and assistants who are helping prepare the children for both 4-Year-Old Kinder and also school. In our 3-Year-Old Kinder room the children have a large area to explore and play and develop key skills based on their interests, likes, skills and developmental stages, and also areas that need focusing on and improvement.

The children have access to a wonderful yard weather permitting that has lots to explore such as a mud kitchen, sand pit, climbing areas, bikes, fort with slide and activities and play spaces that are constantly evolving and changing to continue extending and developing the children’s learning out in a natural environment.

In the 3year old kinder, the indoor and outdoor spaces provide endless opportunities for the children to explore, learn and develop new skills. Our aim is to create warm and nurturing natural environments that provoke curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Social, emotional, and self-help skills are our focus as we prepare the children for the 4yold kinder.

We also explore different yoga techniques and listen to relaxation music after our lunch time routine, to encourage mindfulness and take a minute to breath and relax our bodies.