At Carrum Downs Early Learning Centre (CDC), we are passionate about providing a safe, caring, and welcoming environment for our children and their families. We pride ourselves on the quality and passion of our experienced team who enrich our children’s learning and development through inspirational programs, offered within engaging environments.

We believe children should be treated with respect and valued for their uniqueness by being supported to develop a positive self-image and become independent. The play environments in each room change, to reflect children’s capabilities and interests, including age-appropriate experiences that stimulate their curiosity and resourceful nature.

Open communication between educators and families is encouraged to support the building of trusting relationships and meaningful participation within the program. We respect and acknowledge the role of families and invite them to contribute with ideas and suggestions.

Our team of educators is experienced and knowledgeable, having realistic goals that promote individual skills, while supporting the children as they learn at their own pace. We are committed to continuous professional growth, creating an education and care service that is responsive to children’s needs.

Programs are flexible, based on educator observations and family collaboration, that addresses different learning styles. Our aim is to inspire, challenge, teach and provoke children’s minds, as they mature and learn life skills, with the freedom to make choices. The curriculum is play based, with indoors and outdoors available simultaneously focusing on smooth transitions with the assistance of the educators.

Diversity and inclusion practices build children’s understanding of the world around them, expanding their awareness of difference and strengthening their self-identity. Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are acknowledged, respected, and valued and Cultural diversity is celebrated.  

This is all achieved by celebrating events and including incursions, books, songs and play materials to mirror everyday life.